The World Through A Piper’s Fingers

The World Through A Piper’s Fingers: Tunes from Rory Sinclair and friends
In Celebration of The 3rd International Gathering of Clan Sinclair, Scotland, 2010

Crave Music was pleased to be involved in this diverse and inspiring collection of tracks, recorded over a four-month period in early 2010, featuring Rory Sinclair on a variety of bagpipes (Highland, smallpipes, electronic). His talent both as a musician and a producer yielded some astounding results on an ecclectic mix of music from traditional Scottish fare to more modern rock and roll. Utilizing many members from his casual band Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room, they participated on various tracks and came out with a product that will have you thinking twice about the capabilities of the bagpipe in modern music.

Over the past seven years, it has been my great pleasure to play in a band here in Toronto, which we call Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room. The band has indulged me as I brought pipe tune after pipe tune to try out – some Scottish and some not. When playing pipes with other instruments, rather than as a solo competitor or in a pipe band, the beautiful chords that are part of Scottish pipe music but merely implied with pipes alone, become manifest as the other players join in. This I love. Over time it started to dawn on me – indeed this is the seed of this collection – that there are many genres of music in the world that lend themselves to pipe solos if not also whole pipe tunes.

Rory ‘Gus’ Sinclair
July, 2010

YouTube Video of “Lost On The Bayou” performed live (CD track overdubbed)
at The Free Times Café, June 20, 2010
Filmed and edited by JACKSON | HAMILTON video professionals