Sound Samples

big_fogCeltic Inspired Blues Rock

“The Limerick Man” by Big Fog.

With a sound like a Quentin Tarantino film score, this original track crosses musical genres between traditional Celtic themes and bluesy Westerns. With lead vocals by Sean King, and a guitar solo by Eric Schenkman.

rory_sinclairModern Psychedelia / Trance / Rock

“Norwegian Wood” by Rory Sinclair & Friends.

This was initially dubbed the “jazz” tune in a collection of recordings for a traditional Scottish bagpiper, but took a turn for the delightful when bringing in Wayne Cass on guitar, and it turned out sounding like some psychedelic trance version of the Beatles’ classic.

chris_figguresPop Rock / Male Voice

“Breathe” by Chris Figgures.

Like something out of the 80’s, this is a pop track with strong vocals, featuring studio tricks like reverse guitar solos, multi-tracked vocals, and large synth sections. Percussion was created using a MIDI keyboard.

eazy_bandModern Rock & Roll

“We’re Doin’ Just Fine” by The Eazy Band.

A power-house rock tune fronted by the talented guitar player Dave ‘Sonic’ Hamilton, this song features a 4-minute reprise that folds into a trance-like rock tune from the 70’s.

claire-lynch-bandCountry & Bluegrass

“Fiddle Set” by The Claire Lynch Band.

Recorded as part of a live radio spot, this is a fantastic example of the clarity and style of modern bluegrass music straight from Nashville and Kentucky. With fantastic performances on fiddle and mandolin.

vivian_georgeIndie Folk

“Any Other Love” by Vivian George.

A long time friend, and now Detroit native, Vivian George cut some of her earlier tracks at Crave Music Studios, and this is a sample of one of her lighter ballads.

devon_cokePop / Female Voice

“Warwick Avenue” by Devon Coke.

The wonderfully talented Devon Coke came by the studio to cut some quick demos to pre-existing backing tracks, and this is a prime example of her capabilities. This is a good example of what can be accomplished in a 3-hour recording session.

dave_sonicDirty Blues Rock

“Let Me Be Your Answer” by Dave ‘Sonic’ Hamilton.

Written many years ago by his high school music buddy, Dave’s take on this vintage sounding blues track is excellent. Guitar and bass tracks were recorded direct and produced using Native Instrument’s Guitar Rig.

eric_schenkmanSlide Acoustic Blues

“Rattlesnake Blues” by Eric Schenkman.

Eric brought along the legendary National Steel guitar once owned by Lightning Hopkins for an impromptu session and recorded this gem of an original in the style of the old blues troubadours.


East-Coast Folk

“Sonny’s Dream” by Michael F. Dent.

This Ron Hynes tune was originally recorded as a wam-up performance while Michael was tracking sessions with the Big Fog band, this song ended up on their debut album because it was just that good. Featuring MIDI bagpipes remapped as indian flute.

Jazz Pop / Male Voice

“Two Hearts” by Laurence Gilman.

An upbeat original composition featuring Laurence Gilman on acoustic guitar and vocals, and bringing in his son, Caleb, for the lead guitar tracks.

Pop / Female Voice

“Tonight” by Robin Levine.

Part of a three-song original music demo session for a live stage singer who was performing “Mama Mia” at the time. A great example of a stripped down pop tune.