Crave Music Recording Studio

Crave Music is a full service analog and digital recording facility located in downtown Toronto, in the heart of The Annex Village. We offer a wide range of professional sound services including recording, mixing and mastering. For over 15 years Crave Music has worked with some of the most talented musicians in the Toronto area and has provided this booming music scene with a comfortable and affordable venue to make professional-sounding studio recordings.

Crave Music will work closely with musicians, audio and/or video producers, and voice talents to make each project run smoothly and cost effectively. Clients keep returning to Crave Music for its experienced staff, high-quality recording gear, comfortable recording space, great rates, and most importantly: the sound!

Crave Music offers the best of both the analog and digital recording world including an 8-track 1/2 inch analog deck for that true vintage sound, and full-featured, 24-bit digital audio workstations with virtually unlimited tracks and takes.

Comfortable recording spaces and a large microphone selection are available to capture anything you throw at us. In addition to a collection of great recording gear and musical resources, the engineering and production experience of owner John-Marc Hamilton accounts for the most creative work possible.

Artists that have recorded with Crave Music:

  • Eric Schenkman (SpinDoctors, Cork, Open Hearts Society)
  • Kurt Schefter (Raving Mojos, Alanah Myles)
  • Gary Graig (Anne Murray, Bruce Cockburn, etc.)
  • Claire Lynch Band
  • Garth Douglas
  • Dave ‘Sonic’ Hamilton
  • Wayne Cass
  • Vivian George
  • Kilauren Gibb
  • Big Fog
  • Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room